Torres del Paine Day 1 & 2, Chile

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The first day on Torres del Paine was pure walking around the stunning Lake Nordenskjold to Camp Cuernos, which is the first camp at the base of French Valley. Due to a recent fire, most of the trees further down the trail were burnt. Hence no more viable camping areas till another 13 hours past this camp. Since going to the otherside of Lake Nordenskjold is gruesomely impossible, we took the Electric Rock’s camping rental owner’s advice – stay at Cuernos, and go up to French Valley the next day and come back to Torres after that.

The French Valley was pretty but it was extremely hard to trek under a stormy day. Despite all difficulties, we went up to the first base – which the wind almost knocked me off the edge of the viewing platform… Everyone was taking a short stop there since it is so hard to keep the two feed still with strong wind…. Going up further from the first base we encountered sleet and snow… We were close to the second base but the day is getting late and it was getting colder and colder…

One interesting thing about the glaciers in French Valley – we heard a lot of “thunders” while sleeping in the camp and on our way up and down, turned out those were avalanches…

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