Toulouse the Pink City, France

“The Pink City!” almost everyone exclaimed when I told them my plans to visit Toulouse. I wouldn’t say that the city is pink… the sidewalks and buildings were painted in more orange. Maybe because of rain washed out its original pinkish color over time?

I wasn’t going to Toulouse but I finally bought in what my French teacher taught in her class (but then, in her Opinion, everywhere in France is so pretty). Toulouse is just a plain city if you want me to put it in straight forward plain words. Although rain bought a little bit of disappointment on shopping, the rest is good….

I also accidentally met up with a girl who I have met at the hostel in Marseilles, we went around the city together till she left. She was very sad that I had to replace my suitcase for a French Decathlon backpack since the poor thing completely fell apart. I remember how she patched up my suitcase when I was in Marseilles, “keep me posted on how long it lasts, I’m sure this part won’t fall apart again.” She was right, that part did not fall apart, but another part did….

The only regrett I had is not being able to visit Airbus factory since I had to book it 5 days prior and there is no way I’m staying here for 5 days.

From Toulouse, France – the Pink City, posted by Jenny Zheng on 6/16/2011 (78 items)

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