Tourism Expo and Tongzhou Grand Canal Park

Got a new desk for my apartment, bought it second hand from a craiglist-like website.  Fortunately, Mr. Yang is willing to help me taking the desk home.

It’s a simple IKEA desk.

Saturday is the tourism expo, where big travel agencies gather here to promote their tours.

2014-07-05 006

Our group.


Me dressed up in Thai.

2014-07-05 010

Decorated booths.

Later we went to dinner at a friend’s restaurant, and she filled our our wine glasses half-full.

Went to a Yang’s high school 10 year reunion

They sang karaoke midnight.


I brought a watermelon for the meeting with Xiaolin.

2014-07-05 027

Korean BBQ.

2014-07-05 028

My turn, I’m not very good at this.

Stone bowl meals.

2014-07-05 031

Xiaolin got a new car recently, so she drove me to a park near by later that afternoon.

2014-07-05 033

The park is next to the ancient grand canal, what used to be an important waterway for transporting good for royal family from south.

2014-07-05 034

2014-07-05 038_stitch

Frog ponds.

a group of beautiful birds reside here.

2014-07-05 043