Traditional Chinese Concert

2013-4-03 002

The 24-Hour convenience shop in my office building has a sandwich section, and because of the strawberry season, they came up with strawberry sandwiches.

2013-4-03 006_stitch

Cherry blossom along the river banks near my apartment.

Quality foods supermarket has these weird-look bugs in the back row, it turns out they are silk worms. They look much bigger than I thought of….

2013-4-03 010_stitch

Houhai District at night –  the prime bar and club area in down-town Beijing

2013-4-03 011_stitch

I was invited to a traditional Chinese musical instruments concert in China National Conservatory– sponsored by my client (a small part of the municipal government) especially tailored to expats.  They even brought an interpreter on-stage.

2013-4-03 014

and as the musicians seated with their instruments, the host introduced the instruments one-by-one.

2013-4-03 023

Gu-zheng (her instrument) solo

2013-4-03 026

The conservatory also displayed other traditional Chinese music instruments right out side of its concert hall.

2013-4-03 027

I wonder what are these used for….

2013-4-03 029

After the concert, audiences are invited to try out the instruments themselves.

Passed by this Beijing International Film Festival poster in subway.  Since the festival is one of my clients, I actually just worked on an article regarding to the picture on this poster.

Had my best hot chocolate in Modernista, one of my favorite bars.  Are you sure this is still considered a drink?  because the thing is so thick that it’s almost not flowing.