Tribe of the Three Gorges, Hubei, China

My ancestors were all from along the Yangzi River one time or another.  Although we were always close to this area, but we never really appreciated the spectacular Three Gorges.  I heard from others about it countless times, even though a lot of the times I was just an hour away from it.

For the holidays I finally looked up sights around the Three Gorges, and we took out to Yichang, a city just half an hour away by train in the morning.

Our first day was in Tribes of Three Gorges.  My first sights of it as our bus winding down the mountainous road.

2014-10-05 005

Houses half-way on the mountain.

Village and the port.

To get to the village we had to wait for the ferry on this side of the River.

It’s just a 10 min ferry, but I guess you can spell it as “I’ve taken a boat around the Three Gorges.”

Sight taken from the ferry


Elevators up.


Taking the elevator up.

You could see cranes working on some more new buildings.

2014-10-05 051

We climbed to the top of the mountain, but there were not much to see, but it was nice to catch a bit of the cool breeze.

2014-10-05 056

Me and my mom.

Shops along the top of the mountain.

cable down has a long line.

Finally it was our turn for the cable.

2014-10-05 075

Walking around the village, where people live.

You can hire people to carry you around in the park.

2014-10-05 078_stitch

2014-10-05 080

Strolling along the park to the other side of the mountain, where there were obviously a crowd going.

2014-10-05 085

White houses took part of the picturesque scenery.

2014-10-05 087_stitch

Passing another port.

2014-10-05 088_stitch

Where it met up with a fresh water inlet.

2014-10-05 093

Flute player.

2014-10-05 099

2014-10-05 104_stitch

People hardly visit this place during the year, but this is the holiday, so you see tourist crowd everywhere.

2014-10-05 105 (2)

Herons have changed their habits by catching foods thrown by tourists.

2014-10-05 105


2014-10-05 106

Singer singing local songs, attracting quite a few cheers.  Tourists kept asking, “little sister, one more song!”

2014-10-05 111

2014-10-05 115

Performance demonstrating local weddings and customs.

2014-10-05 138

Up the mountain there was another part of the park.

2014-10-05 139



2014-10-05 150

We were quite late when we got there, most of the performances were closed except for this monkey show.

2014-10-05 156

tapping each other.

2014-10-05 166


2014-10-05 168

I got a gun, calm down!

2014-10-05 170

I apologize.

2014-10-05 174

Yes, he knows what a knife is.

2014-10-05 176

Throwing knife game.

2014-10-05 179

Back to friendship.

2014-10-05 188

Ride a bike.

2014-10-05 190

Stone relief decors.

2014-10-05 193

2014-10-05 195

2014-10-05 198_stitch

Beautiful pond over the Three Gorges.

2014-10-05 202

2014-10-05 206_stitch

2014-10-05 210


Most of the shops are closing down as the day winds up.

There were a few more steps up for the little mansion.

2014-10-05 216

2014-10-05 217

The other door around the mansion led the way down the mountain.

2014-10-05 218

Where we passed by a model of ancient war chariot.