Ulan-Bator Winter Palace, Mongolia

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The overnight bus from Murun back to UB was one of the most memorable bus ride I had so far.  On our way out of Murun we were hit by another snow storm.  Since there was no air conditioning on the poor bus, we were left to ourselves that night.  I put on my heaviest that I could and still having the hardest time falling asleep in the cold.  I tried to reach my warmers in the backpack, but the bus was overloaded that someone was using my backpack as their body-rest so that I could not move my backpack, not to mention that my body was so frozen that I could hardly move anyways…

During our breakfast I met a young blackman from the back of the bus.  He introduced himself as Cliff, “Karen told me about you and I thought you are the Asian American girl she mentioned.”  Wow he got sharp eyes – I thought I could blend in with the rest of Mongolians.  He then helped me to order my breakfast in Mongolia.  “I love this place!” He was obviously excited to see another person from his homeland, “I always wanted to serve and this is what I wanted.”

Cliff is coming to UB for a race in the Gobi Desert.  I heard about this race while staying at Parker’s flat in UB.  Apparently every year someone organizes a non-profit race in the Gobi Desert, its exoticness attracted a lot of foreigners in Mongolia.  He gave me his friend Danny’s contact number in UB and I was in touch with my next home stay in no time.

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