Ushuaia, Argentina

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I was quite worried coming in this town without any information about my couchsurfing host’s whereabouts.  He sounded quite enthusiastic when he accepted my couch request.  However, there was no more contact from him since.  I have no idea where he lives or when and where should we meet up.  During my 30 hour bus ride I met a Mexican sitting next to me from Rio Grande to Ushuia.  Apparently she booked a well-rated hostel in Ushuaia so I decided to follow her that night just in case I couldn’t get in touch with my host I could stay in that hostel for the night.

When I got to her hostel, I borrowed their pay phone for one more try to get in touch with my couch host.  That number he gave me did not work.  So I went to the front desk of the hostel and asked, “do you know if this number is actually a valid local number?”

The front desk guy looked at the number, then he pointed to the guy next to him, “that’s him!”

Apparently my host is a tour guide for that hostel.  He met a girl a week ago and forgot about me, but he’s pretty adamant to host me anyways.  I stayed in the hostel that night to let him get ready to host me the next night, and the next night I moved in.

From Ushuaia, Argentina – “Fin del Mundo”, posted by Jenny Zheng on 5/07/2012 (124 items)

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