UT Alum Summer Palace Meet-Up

Since I won’t have class on Sunday, I jumped in a UT alum picnic in Summer Palace that morning.

2014-04-22 034

The river that runs through the entrance of what used to belong to the royal (thank god they are dead).

Chinese wooden gate filled with tourists

2014-04-22 037

Walking to our meeting point.

2014-04-22 040_stitch

2014-04-22 041

2014-04-22 042

How old is this tree? and what happened?

2014-04-22 044

Shadow of the alums.

2014-04-22 047

Looking from the other side of the lake.

2014-04-22 048

Well, you know this is an ARCH bridge…

2014-04-22 053

You start seeing people in boats these days.

We finally met up with everyone else.

Longhorn kids.

2014-04-22 058

Me with Li Xin, the first girl I met at the gate while getting lost.

Me with Xijing, the girl who I first met and signed me up for the alum group.

No! Don’t take photo of me!

2014-04-22 067

Longhorn kids.

2014-04-22 069

Group picture.

Little kid dancing with ribbon.

2014-04-22 074

Elderly people working on their hums and drums…

2014-04-22 076

2014-04-22 078

Famous 17 arch bridge.

Yuquan pagoda, great area for escapes from summer heat.

2014-04-22 083

Peach blossoms.

2014-04-22 087

Where should we go for lunch?

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    • It’s not quite that, I got a lot more layers so the the front is a lot shorter than the back 🙂