Vienna Beach

2015-03-27 002

My cousin took me to Vienna beach before I left LA. He parked the car right in front of sand volleyball court, reminded me of back in the day when Jonovan used to play sand volleyball every weekend (and still does).  I bet he has already played here.

Like all beaches, pretty houses decorated the view.

The pier.

2015-03-27 005

2015-03-27 013

2015-03-27 015

2015-03-27 019

You can see very far, including these shipping lines afar.

2015-03-27 021

2015-03-27 022

I’ve seen grey and black pigeons and white doves, but this one has pretty grey and white feathers, lovelier than your normal stock

Don’t keep these fishes.

2015-03-27 024

Interesting fountain, with water falling through clock-like intriguing mechanics.

Someone has a stone cactus on the porch, why not just get a real cactus?  It’s not that hard to take care of a cactus anyway.

2015-03-27 027

Get your weed here, we’ll say you are really sick.

markets along the beach

2015-03-27 033

One of the shops selling these cute animal pipes, including a panda one.

2015-03-27 034

2015-03-27 038

Mural says a lot about Californians.