Visit Weifang Hospital in Construction

My colleague wanted me to accompany her showing the top folks of our partner, Joslin Diabetes Center (part of the Harvard Medical School) the hospital we are going to work with them in Weifang, Shandong province of China.  It is a huge project and the first endeavor in this field for our company.  Needless to say we are excited to have such a prestigious partner.


We started the morning looking at the layout of the hospital at Starbucks.

2014-12-12 001 (2)

Then we went to the hospital site – our hospital under construction.

Finished lobby interior.

2014-12-12 007

Most places aren’t lighted yet.

Grand corridor connecting buildings.

2014-12-12 011_stitch

Bright back entrance.

2014-12-12 014_stitch

2014-12-12 020_stitch

Part of the building where diabetes center will be built.

Dusty elevator yet set to work.

Modern wards planned to be reconstructed as doctors’ offices.

2014-12-12 027 (2)

Second floor lobby, where a little room set off endless possibilities.

Nurses station.

CEO pondering….

2014-12-12 050

Joslin’s visiting team (from left to right), Dr. King (Chief Science Officer), Dr. Hsu (VP of International Programs), Mr. John Brooks (CEO), Dr. Karen Lau (nutrition expert).

Walking discussion.

More planning.

2014-12-12 061

Sunshine – Joslin pic.


Gift exchange time.


My colleague received a girl’s gift from one of the Joslin team members in Boston.


Dr. King has published a new book.  Here Dr. Hsu passed around the intro of this book.


Karen grew up in Hong Kong, where Hilary, my buddy from high school, came from.


We started off the meal with a sip of sweet vinegar, a gesture of good health.