Visiting Relatives during Spring Festival

13-02-16 002

Went to play Catan with some good friends in Beijing, it was a lot of fun, and I’m officially hooked (read more about it:

13-02-16 018

I got home for Chinese New Year Eve, this year my parents are also in China.  My mom boiled some dumplings when I got home, a tradition on Chinese New Year’s eve

13-02-16 019

After years, they are still happy.  Something many will die for…

13-02-16 020

Next day is the Chinese New Year, we found the bus empty on our way to visit our relatives.

13-02-16 022

I got a lot of relatives, mostly people, even those around my age, are actually generations above me.. The “uncle” who is 3 years younger than me sits not far from here…

13-02-16 023

Those kids are actually my generation, they are not my niece, they are my cousins…

13-02-16 025

and the tiny dog

13-02-16 028

kids and their mothers (who grew up with me)

13-02-16 037

me and my “cousins”

13-02-16 04713-02-16 055

Playing house

13-02-16 06313-02-16 067

They lined up to play games with their mothers

13-02-16 069

Don’t be afraid of the little dog, it won’t bite.

13-02-16 07013-02-16 073

And all sorts of dishes on the dinner table…unless you loved cooking, being a woman is not very fun during Chinese New Year, you are locked to the kitchen and laundry most of the time…

13-02-16 075

It seemed that Chinese will not take down their Christmas trees for a long time, even during Valentine’s Day, they just put up more Valentine decorations on the tree…

13-02-16 078

Visited a sports shop and found these girls stringing tennis rackets in the shop

13-02-16 08113-02-16 080

Found a very lavished bookshop near my residence.  In the very center it was separated into two floors, the upper attic is a section with all the traditional books bounded traditionally.

13-02-16 084

Just the other day I was missing my thousand islands, now I knew what they are called in Chinese…