Vyborg, Russia

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That night when I came into St. Petersburg from Helsinki, I met a British teacher named Joss who is currently teaching English in St. Petersburg.  Since both of us were fried over with long que of questions at the Russian border patrol, we immediately figured out that we were the only two foreigners on the bus.  We talked all night on that over-night bus (sorry for the folks around us).  After about 2 hours from the Russian border we passed through this town marked with a shadow of a big black round building , “Jenny, you got visit this place if you got time in St. Petersburg.” He said

“What is it?”

“Vyborg, it’s a pretty neat little town.  Quite different from St. Petersburg.”

I kept that in note.  It wasn’t long that I heard the name of this town again.  When I mentioned this town in my hostel, my host burst in surprise, “REALLY? You want to visit there?”


“No, it’s a great idea!  I love that place!  In fact, I’m moving there soon since St. Petersburg is not really for me.”


“Yes, I told a lot of people to go visit there, no one does.  It’s great that you are going there.”

With his approval, I was in no time on my way to Vyborg, only to find I was lost after stepping off the train.  It is quite different from my normal European city.  There was not tourist assistance, so I went to a hotel and bought a map from them.  But after finding myself walking in a small circle I corrected my direction and was well on my way to discover an interesting Russian town with its neat little fortress on the coast.

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