Weird Name, Weird Chips, and Parks

I had like the funniest dream ever, I went around the neighborhood to ask kids what’s their favorite junk foods.  And these kids always mentioned these popular kids in the neighborhoods.  One of these popular kids name is Beefah, and he likes these greasy cactus chips that had the weirdest taste on top of its greasiness.  So when I walked around other kids playing and I asked them why are they giggling, they told me Beefah’s Chinese name is “不发“, or not getting rich.

Beefah is actually one of the brothers in my church back in Texas. I wonder if that kid actually went on to get rich, because if not, that could be why.

I love running in the Beijing parks, they are a lot more fun than the U.S. ones. Ya know, on top of lakes, they got like little amusement parks for children, there are a lot more facilities like boats and bike rentals.  They also got sculptures and crazy arts dotted along the paths.  Most interestingly, in every single park, you could see old people doing all sorts of interesting “sports”, like group dancing and fondling with their instruments or singing Chinese opera.  So that made my run a lot more interesting than in Texas.  I remember back in the days when these parks actually charged fees, and I’m really glad that the fees are gone.  I hope they did not get this idea from the States like they did with everything else, because the parks in the States are actually boring….  all you see is grass grass tree grass grass grass grass grass grass…. (yeah, in that order…)