West Lake Day 2, Hangzhou, China

Yulia told me there were good eats around Gulou (Drum Tower), so I went to check it out. Only to discover I was too early for the crowd, they only work nights.

I took the chance and followed the stairs up the drum tower.

Gigantic drum.

Looking down at the food street, now empty.

Guard sculptures

2015-07-21 097

Drum room up on the tower.

Another tower not far from here.

It’s closed, but you can see its name

2015-07-21 102

Honor bell.2015-07-21 103

Cultural center next to the drum tower.

Old shopping street.

2015-07-21 110

There is a mountain behind the shopping center, it goes all the way to the West Lake.

2015-07-21 114

Many retired people like to take their tea times up on the mountain.

2015-07-21 119

Like all Chinese mountaintops, there is a temple.  This one is dedicated to God of Medicine.

Mountain path.

2015-07-21 121

Another bigger temple

2015-07-21 1222015-07-21 125

People also dedicated different places of their own worships.

2015-07-21 126_stitch

West Lake from the top, on a foggy day.

2015-07-21 141

Old reading room

2015-07-21 142

2015-07-21 146

National Heroes Memorial

2015-07-21 152

2015-07-21 160

Colleagues, at time of victory, please do not forget us.

2015-07-21 174 (1)_stitch

Followed the mountain path to the West Lake.

2015-07-21 1722015-07-21 174 (5)

Lotus powder soup.

2015-07-21 174 (7)

The famous Leifeng Pagoda is blocked for a fee.

2015-07-21 178

On the dam crossing the lake. I didn’t know it was advised to ride a bike for this part till I had to walk the entire dam.

2015-07-21 182


2015-07-21 1872015-07-21 1922015-07-21 193_stitch

Island not far from here.

2015-07-21 1972015-07-21 200

Grave of Wu Song, a legendary figure.

The island was made during the Qing Dynasty, to house the palace for the royal family.2015-07-21 209

What used to be the palace back garden.

2015-07-21 216

Old gazebo for the family. One can imagine them playing chess or enjoying tea here.

2015-07-21 217_stitch

Hangzhou Skyline.

2015-07-21 234

Mary Kay Hangzhou.

2015-07-21 2362015-07-21 237 (0)

After the West Lake, I decided to come back to the drum tower area for the night market. What used to be empty streets now filled with shop stands and people.

2015-07-21 237 (1)

Hotpot stand

Lake clams.

Gigantic clam-looking creature.

2015-07-21 237 (5)

Grilled centipedes

2015-07-21 237 (6)

Seahorses, which are illegal to catch.

2015-07-21 239


2015-07-21 240


2015-07-21 242

Bamboo baked rice.

2015-07-21 244

Plant pot ice creams

2015-07-21 248

An old lady selling “Hangzhou local food” in front of her house.