White Sand Village, Yunnan, China

Since I don’t want to get on the expensive cable car to the top of the Jaded Dragon Snow Mountain, I figured it would be nice to at least spend some time next to the moutain… although you already have a good view of the mountain from Lijiang Old Town itself.

yunnan 516

To have a proper, local start, I got out of the toursity Lijiang Old Town and had one of those real, non-glamorous rice noodles (米线).

yunnan 517

WikiTravel recommended this village, the White Sand village, or 白沙村, to dodge the bustling city life and get a view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. This usual little village is the start of Naxi group. Naxiers first moved to here, then developed into Lijiang area.

yunnan 528_stitchyunnan 523

Of course, another benefit of this village is the absolute clear view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

yunnan 532yunnan 534_stitch

Restaurant promising a great view of the snow mountain.  The hostess asked what kind of meal I want, I said, I just want a bowl of noodles with a view.  She looked at me and went, “Are you here by yourself?”

“Yeah.  Is that ok?  Or could I just get a view of the mountain?”

She then led me up the stairs and let me into one of their rooms.  The room has an enormous window where you could see the mountain and its range nearby.

yunnan 546_stitch

Other than a great view of the mountain, this village is just that, a village.

yunnan 551yunnan 554

I came back to the center of the village and started to walk in the other direction, where I found more tourist part of the village.

yunnan 553

restaurants with luxury outdoor seats in their courtyards

yunnan 557 (2)yunnan 557

and tie-dye yards, one after another

yunnan 561yunnan 562yunnan 563 (2)

After the lunch, I found a sign next to this shop, “come in and take pictures anywhere you want.”  I couldn’t help but to take up this invitation.

yunnan 566_stitch

It’s a nice little village house with two court yards

and they offer several kinds of exotic local drinks

yunnan 569yunnan 571

So I stayed there and basked in the sun all afternoon, with my fruit bunch and my book.  The owner was a very enthusiastic local who loved to talk about his family.  He has a brother who is some famous author in China.  He passed away a few years ago and now his son (or the owner’s nephew) is struggling in Beijing.

yunnan 574yunnan 572

I asked if I could take a look around their house, the owner was excite, “of course, anywhere you like.”

yunnan 577

I went up their second floor. I’ve never been to a second floor of a farm house.  Though their house is big, they only use a very small part of themselves.  Here, most of the floor was used to dry up the meat and store away junks.  Their little bedroom is just beyond that door.

yunnan 579

The owner was very proud of this house. “It’s a very old farm house,” he told us, “it’s built in Qing Dynasty and it’s at least 200 years old.”

He looked at his own house, mesmerizing, “most of the houses around here are very old, we kept ours very well.”

yunnan 580

Though he pointed out some damages on the door reliefs, “the damage was done during the cultural revolution. We have tried but couldn’t keep it.”


yunnan 584_stitch

Coming back to Lijiang, I found this big inviting park in front of the old town

yunnan 593

It’s a steep climb that gets you some nice places for a break up the top.

yunnan 603_stitchyunnan 613

And the inspiring view of the Old Town.

yunnan 615

A little temple not far from the other side of the town.  I wonder what that is….

yunnan 616

If you move further along the park, you find this building at the end of the park.  People say this building is famous for the view of the city at night.

yunnan 618_stitch

A lot of bars and restaurants also situated here so people could enjoy the view of the city while eat and drink.

Following a juxtapose of little winding brick streets, you get back to Lijiang Old Town

yunnan 630_stitch

The view of the famous big water mill at the center of the Old town from the back

yunnan 632

Lijiang is the capital of one night stands.  Many places, like this hotel, offer one-night-stand services….