Wild Great Wall Hike, Huairou, China

Two years ago when I just got to Beijing I took some arduous hiking trips with this Great Wall hiking group. At the start, I didn’t enjoy it a whole lot. It was more work than fun. Now thinking back, I long the little adventure we had back then. So I signed up again for this Sunday’s hike.

This Sunday’s hike took place in Huairou, a beautiful suburb not far from Beijing. The place is known for its scenic views and the conference site for 2014 OPEC conference. Hopefully we would be able to dodge the pollution from Beijing.

2015-06-04 023

At the foot of the mountain we found this elegant fenced area, a place seemed reserved for people in government office.

A few steps down we found our first tower.


Up we go.

2015-06-04 0272015-06-04 028

Town of Huairou at foot of mountain. The town is known for its scenic mountains and fresh air.

Tower seemed a bit far hiding in the bushes.

2015-06-04 043

It doesn’t take long for us to get there.

2015-06-04 045

Path somewhat symbolizing life.

2015-06-04 047

Me and Xiaolin

2015-06-04 056 (2)2015-06-04 0562015-06-04 057 (2)

When exhausted, water always is of great help.

2015-06-04 057 (3)

Long ways to go.

2015-06-04 057

We found these interesting little plants along the wall. They have leaves that seemed like pressed together.

2015-06-04 0582015-06-04 065 (2)2015-06-04 075 (2)2015-06-04 0752015-06-04 077

Down the wall we go.

An enormous rock in front of this tower. I wonder how could you get to the tower without any equipment.

2015-06-04 081

We had to track ourselves along the bushes for sometimes – sometimes found ourselves in the wrong way and had to climb back, before long, we were at the foot of the mountain.

2015-06-04 085

The town is known for exceptional red trout, but I doubt the restaurant we picked got their trout where they were supposed to get them.

2015-06-04 087

The fresh fish was beaten to death before it was cooked and seasoned.

2015-06-04 088_stitch

Mountain Bar is among the first of the resorts in the area. It is known for its wooden cabins in wooded hills.

2015-06-04 090

Quite a few restaurants and hotels dotted along the street. This one seemed quite nice. It could actually set itself in Europe without people second-thinking it’s Chinese.