Working at Beijing Film Festival

2013-04-17 001

Me and my boss went to Beijing International Film Festival to work as their on-site translators.  I know what you are thinking: movie stars, movies, happy happy happy…

We are placed in the National Convention Center, one of the headquarters of the festival.

2013-04-18 003 (1)

My on my first day

2013-04-18 003 (2)

There were also some other conventions held, like this electronic one.

2013-04-18 003

This is my home, the press conference room.  I actually paid a heavy price to come here – instead of going to swing dance on the Great Wall of China, I came here to type out English announcements and translate short articles.

2013-04-18 0242013-04-18 029

Yes, despite the fact that we were required to stay on-site from 9 am to 9-11pm everyday,  for the first few days, we were quite bored.  Here is a few fun  times we had while doing nothing there.

2013-04-18 009

One of the famous CCTV (biggest TV Network) Movie channel hostess

2013-04-18 011

Gao Xiaosong (高晓松), a famous artist, debuted with his newest work

2013-04-18 017

The other, smaller, press conference room sat in the South Hall for less well-known players in the industry

Another CCTV Movie Channel hostess at a major press conference

2013-04-21 029

But I did have time to attend one of the weekend’s evening dances, where they had Jack-and-Jill competition.

2013-04-21 032

The finalists were offered Peking opera masks to “hide” their identities.

2013-04-21 035

I met someone from Dallas!  Last time I saw Keith was last June, on the other side of the world….  what a coinqdink!

2013-04-21 038

The greatest moment for “my office” has come, Keanu Reeves appearance was definitely worth for a lot of people to show up an hour or two earlier.

2013-04-21 039

This famous Kung Fu artist… I’ve seen him somewhere before

2013-04-21 044

…and the man himself finally seated

2013-04-21 063 (2)2013-04-21 063

Cheerful conversations between Keanu and yet another hot hostess from CCTV Movie channel.

2013-04-21 071

The main actress in his next film, Man of Tai Chi, a Sino-Hollywood co-production.

2013-04-21 078

The main exhibit room finally opened on Saturday

2013-04-21 079

Ethnic Minority film exhibit

2013-04-21 081

Coproduction business booths

2013-04-21 082

Co-production negotiation room.

2013-04-21 083

Seminar room

2013-04-21 086

At the front entrance to the convention center

2013-04-21 090

Posing with the TIantan Award statue

2013-04-21 092

At the empty souvenir wine seller booth at the entrance of the film festival exhibition and the press conference room.

2013-04-21 098

Famous French producer talking about his films

2013-04-21 099

Casts from all 15 nominated films showed up at the conference room, but the reporters enthusiasm was suddenly swept away by Ya’an earthquake.  Instead of coming to here to write about the 15 nominated films, all major media sent most of their reporters to the earthquake site, leaving 15 nominated films cold.