Wuhan Snacks

2013-11-30 001

Xiaolin brought me to a Korean barbeque place for lunch.  I’ve always heard about Korean barbeques but never tried it.  Apparently, you heat your meat on a piece of BBQ paper over the coal, very clean and ecological.

2013-11-30 003

Lewis passed me a tamarind.  I loved tamarind candies when I was in Yunnan, but never tried the fruits themselves since they looked a bit strange to me.

2013-11-30 004

The skin is very crisp, so you crack it open to eat the inside. The inside is very delicious!

2013-11-30 006

Last day for me.  The original gang.  Lewis and Yulia (left) were first hired foreigners, and then I came 2 month after, and Vajra (behind me) came 2 months after me. Now me and Vajra have resigned on the same day.

After getting out of old job, I went to Hubei to visit some relatives.  My cousin took me to a famous snacks street in Wuhan.

2013-11-30 011

Rose Chicken

2013-11-30 008

Looks great but very oily, just like a typical Chinese snack.

2013-11-30 012

Various meats on a skewer

2013-11-30 014

Handicapped poem writing

You could see the iconic Yellow Crane Tower from the street.

2013-11-30 019

We then went to a great noodle place to get some beef noodles.

We were already very stuffed with all the snacks from the snack street, so we decided to split the bowl.

After we could not stuff ourselves any more food, we took a scroll around a park near by…

2013-11-30 029_stitch

A little hill highlighted the park, stood out from the bustling city.

2013-11-30 032

A fine diner next to the hill.

A little church stood on top of the hill, overlooking the surrounding… It was built around 150 years ago.

It was turned into a small art gallery after the communist came to power.

Gone are the days….

The view from the top of the hill…

Are the hill is Wuhan’s rising arts district…

Interesting old buildings


Interesting snail-mail shop.

2013-11-30 052

“Dream is a love note to the world.”

Intriguing decorations

2013-11-30 057

“Our years in Wuhan.”

Street resembling hutong in Beijing.

2013-11-30 059

chalk writings on the wall.


A noodle house lost one of its characters. No problem, they drew up its replacement with a ball-point pen.

2013-11-30 061

Telephone booth coffee shop.

Cute coffee shop.


Confucius words around the coffee shop