Wuhan Stay


Going home was never easy. For adventure of it, I took the bus instead of the subway – and regretted it! We bumped into a group of people left by the last bus broken. The driver took those people us and we bumped along for another 20 minutes before this bus is broken too.  All of us had to get off the bus, walk 1kilometer to the nearest bus station, (of course, by then I was too tired that I just called UBER).


Never thought someone would forget baggage this big on the train.  On our way to Wuhan the train attendant made sure it was left by a passenger who got off at the terminal station – the passenger only remembered it when the train is already on the way back to Wuhan….


My cousin had a new baby, I’m officially aunt!


Decided to check out salsa dance scene in Wuhan. The leader of the salsa scene in Wuhan, Mr. Luo, told me this is the highest attendance since he founded the salsa scene in Wuhan 5 years ago.


Luo’s birthday jam.


It also happened to be Mr. Luo’s birthday, so we went out for supper afterwards.


Part of the reason with the sharp increase of salsa lovers is due to foreigners in Wuhan joining the scene.


Running around the East Lake right by my apartment reminded me of my childhood, racing bikes with my little friends around the lake, swimming with dad, and climbing mountains around here when I was in elementary school.


My house is by the foot of that mountain.


Zhang Jie, one of my best friends from elementary school found me. She is also working in Wuhan, we decided to meet up.


Our first dinner together after almost twenty years apart is BBQ.


Her husband decided to buy us wings.  I asked for the spiciest flavor and got my back of the head numbed by the amount of pepper on there.


Then she hooked me up with some other elementary school classmates, Dong Tan and Luo You.  We were all good friends twenty years ago, and still are today.


Hawaiian fruit punch.


Dong Tan decided to show me the Tibetan yogurt, which I was tempted to try every time I passed this shop.


The shopping center is doing a Chinese vintage show.



With Zeng Zhen, another elementary school friend.  Zeng Zhen has a strong personality as a kid. I remember whenever I need to sell something or spread the word for something, I will find Zeng Zhen. She’s still like that, and pretty frank about her love life Smile


New nail.


Me and my 3 week-old niece Smile

5 thoughts on “Wuhan Stay

  1. Hi Jenny. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and learning a little about your life. Best Regards, Bob

    • sorry was just settling down in Shanghai and didn’t have a chance to look at the comments till now. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. Woohoo Wuhan!. These are the kind of adventures and visits that give you good memories. I truly enjoyed reading this, Jenny.

    I am keeping a list of the places I want to see and experiences I want to have when I finally get to China to see you.

    • Yeah my parents has a place in Wuhan, if you are in, we can consider staying there 🙂