WWW–Wild Wild Westie Weekend

I always wondered how Ben Morris danced in real life so here is my chance, he came to Dallas for one weekend of workshop and fun.   Like a usual workshop weekend, I learned a lot patterns – and mostly patterns than techniques, but I had more fun watching the Pros line up.

Set5 027

Jim the hulky nice guy who loved to tease me

Set5 030

and he drinks while dancing – I guess there are more guys than girls enjoying drinking and dancing at the same time.  Since girls have to be on their toes all the time on the floor

Set6 008

Fluttering around my camera pass.  I found out Leah is actually around 10 years older than me and has taught in my high school while I was studying there.

Set6 009

Pro’s line up

Set6 010

Set6 033

Dancing at Sandunga 360 in Plano – Sandunga used to be my favorite restaurant in Houston