Xiling Gorge, Hubei, China

On our way to Tribes of Three Gorges we spotted another fun place, so second day we decided to visit the Xiling Gorge. As we stepped off the bus I needed a potty run, and the lady of the shop were I took my bathroom break told me that if you need to visit the park in its entirety, you need to start with another entrance. So she let her husband take us to the “right” entrance, where we bought a full ticket of the park – without knowing there were a lot of extra stuff included in the ticket (but her husband can get a very good commission out of it).


The first part was the monkey mountain, where we took a bus to another mountain called “Fairy’s Place”. Someone decided to scratch in the eyes and nose so it looked like a fairy.

Skinny tree with big spikes.

2014-10-05 233

There was a river running along the whole park, but they cut the dam and now the river is gone.

2014-10-05 238

Highlight of the park is the wild monkeys running along the park.

2014-10-05 242

“Stop feeding the monkeys!” the park rangers yelled at us.  Oh well, he didn’t like my corn chips anyways.

2014-10-05 247

On top of the hill there was a little monkey show, much like the one we saw in Tribes of Three Gorges.

2014-10-05 248

There were a lot more monkeys running around, scratching each others’ bodies.  Like this mommy looking for something on her baby.

Poor monkeys, we all feel sorry for these incarcerated monkeys.

There was also a cave up there.

2014-10-05 264

We decided to take a cable back, stood in line for an hour for the cable.

2014-10-05 282

Passing the trail where we came from.

2014-10-05 287

The cable took you over a mountainous highway.

2014-10-05 292

Second part of the park, we took the bus to a park right next to the Yangzi River, where it would take us to the tour boat. Apparently this huge place serves grain wine


2014-10-05 296

You can see Yichang, the city closest to the Three Gorges from here.  You can see its huge water dam branching out.

2014-10-05 297

Many joked that it’s a test dam for the Three Gorges Dam, which is just 40 kilometers upstream.

2014-10-05 300

2014-10-05 302

2014-10-05 305

Start of the Three Gorges.

2014-10-05 307

A boat that takes you into a cave.

But here is the more boring, general entrance.

Almost to the port, where we can take a boat.

2014-10-05 325_stitch

The port

With nice houses overlooking the Gorge.

2014-10-05 336_stitch

Xiling Gorge, and tour boats parked along it.

2014-10-05 342

Little gazebo sculpted in middle of a cliff.

Lots of hotels along the river.

2014-10-05 349

Welcome inscription.

2014-10-05 350

Apparently our full ticket included another boat ride where we get to see another part of the Xiling Gorge.  We waited on the wrong side of the bank for a while before taking this little boat, which dumped every tourist to the “right” side of the bank.  Only everyone has to get back in the line again.  

2014-10-05 357

After waiting in the right line for an hour, it was our turn.

2014-10-05 352

Nice mansions up top.

2014-10-05 359

We got there in about 5 minutes.

You can see people walking along the cliff.

2014-10-05 366_stitch

Continue our park adventure. We passed by an old fort, which was originally built in Ming Dynasty.

2014-10-05 367

Steep way up.

Grapefruits picked out by tourists from the grapefruit tree above.

Sculpture of Zhang Fei, one of the legendary figures from the Three Kingdoms Period,  overlooking the Gorge.

There is a little pagoda on top of the mountain.

2014-10-05 377

Up the pagoda.

You can see part of the the Gorge from the top.

2014-10-05 382

Next program, Three Visitors’ Cave.

That’s the part where you get to talk along the trail sculpted into a cliff.

2014-10-05 387

2014-10-05 389

People can take a tea break if they get tired, but you have to stay tiny and short to fit in.

Near the end of the cave there was a bigger cave.

The stone across the cave looked like a lion with his arm twisted upward.

2014-10-05 398

The cave housed many inscriptions from old times.

This one looked ancient.

Inscription left by Kuomingdang (Nationalist Party, which fled to Taiwan in 1949).  Apparently they hid their offices out here when Japanese bombed the city of Yichang.

2014-10-05 405

New inscriptions covering old inscriptions.

There were a few fun activities in Xiling Gorge, like this long swing in between the cliffs.

2014-10-05 415

Evening, we stopped by Gezhou Dam, the dam inside city of Yichang.

Gezhou Dam, the first dam they built, before they built the Three Gorges Dam 40 kilometers upstream.