Xitang Day 2, China–Part I

2015-07-21 376

Woke up and found these for my breakfast.  Breads made of sticky rice and osmanthus flowers.  Fish and flowers symbolize auspiciousness.

2015-07-21 378

Rice wine dotted with osmanthus flowers.

2015-07-21 379

Firefighting boat.

2015-07-21 3802015-07-21 3812015-07-21 3822015-07-21 3852015-07-21 3862015-07-21 387_stitch

We had to buy a ticket to get into the old town part. Included in the ticket were accesses to 12 temples and old houses in the area.  Today I decided to take a look at them.  The first one is the Temple of Foods.

2015-07-21 389

Think these are statues in the works, but the staff told me you can worship them now.

A picture in a frame – of importance, important enough people will kneel down and pray in front of it.

The god in the framed picture.

2015-07-21 397

Plaques in the grand hall reads “Quiet, Respect….”

2015-07-21 4012015-07-21 4022015-07-21 403

Second touristic place is the Zuiyuan or “Drunk Garden”.

2015-07-21 4112015-07-21 424

Apparently this house belongs to this gentleman, who did all the relief and imprinting works that we just saw.  I bought one of his works.

2015-07-21 429 (2)2015-07-21 429

His garden, though tiny but has everything in a Chinese garden, the rocks, the pond, and a gallery.

2015-07-21 430

Another old house.

The house itself is a museum now. Oil painting creates an areal view of the old town.

2015-07-21 4412015-07-21 4452015-07-21 4462015-07-21 4482015-07-21 455 (2)2015-07-21 455

Old lock parts.

2015-07-21 4582015-07-21 459

At the gate of Xiyuan, or West Garden, the biggest house I’ve seen in the area yet.

You can tell the family used to own this house is of high status, the doorsill is up to knee high, symbolizing its much harder to get into this family.

2015-07-21 469

A small gallery hall shields garden walkers from rain, keep the house in working order rain or shine.

2015-07-21 471

Upstairs is a museum.

and a view to the streets.

2015-07-21 4762015-07-21 477_stitch

Old well, now sealed.

A cave under the rock for anyone wanna chill off in summer heat.

2015-07-21 486

Another part of the mansion houses a fan exhibition.

Second floor window view.

2015-07-21 496

Grand living room

Granite cut and polished, like Chinese ink painting.

2015-07-21 500

Garden with ivy-covered houses.

2015-07-21 5022015-07-21 5032015-07-21 5062015-07-21 513

Hallway so big that guests may take a break here.

This part of the wall could definitely use some renovation Winking smile

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